"T-Style" Ltd. was established on March 6, 2008 on the basis of Rivne "Lyonokombinat" Factory. The main business line is  textile production. "T-Style" Ltd. Company produces and sells fabrics of different types: single jersey, pike fabric, plush, interlock, rib fabric, two thread fleece, three thread fleece. We use cotton, viscose, acrylic, polyester yarns and their blends. Also we produce the ready-made garments from these fabrics.

More than 700 workers are employed at the factory now. Today "T-Style" Ltd. company has already reorganized and renovated a huge part of its departments, in which we produce our goods on the most advanced equipment in the world.

Aside from that, the following equipment were installed and running on the factory now:

Knitting department:

- High-speed circular knitting machines from "Mayer &Cie", "Terrot", "Monarch", «Pailung», "KeumYong"companies in the quantity of 55 units.

Dyeing department:

- Machines for dyeing knitted fabrics from "Thies" company - 9 units;

- Machines for dyeing knitted fabric from "Brazzoli" – 1 unit

-  Machine for dyeing woven fabrics "Vald. Henriksen" - one unit.

Finishing department:

- High-performance line for drying and processing knitted open width fabric from "Bruckner";

- Advanced line for drying and processing of knitted fabric in tubular form from European companies "Bianco S.P.A.", "Lafer S.P.A.", "MonfortsTextilmaschinen GmbH”;

- Drying and dyeing equipment for plush by «Thies GmbH»;

- Raising, brush sueding and cutting machines for fabrics finishing from the company «Lafer» - 4 units.

Printing equipment:

- Machines for making Screens (screen stretching machine, machine for exposure and washing screens) from Portuguese company "Acosgraf”;

-  Automatic printing machine for making prints on tissues and finished products from Portuguese company "S.ROQUE” and Polish company "Anatol” ;

-  Machine for printing on the tubular fabric from "PurdeMakina”.

Manufacturing of the accessories:

-  Collar flat knitting machines to offer our clients all needed furniture from Japanese company "Matsya” – 7 units;

- Machines for making accessories ( lace and rubber tapes ) from Spanish company "ConstruccioneMetalurgicasEspeciales S.A.” – 6 units;

- Machine for making lace from Turkish company "GorteksTicoretTekastil ” – 1 unit;

- Machine for making rubber tapes from Italian company "Comez International s. r. l.” – 2 units;

- Machine for making laces from German company "Herzog" – 3 units.

Technical Control Department:

- Machine for inspecting ready fabric from Italian company "Daroitex" – 1 unit;

-Automatic packing machine from "Daroitex" company - 1 unit;

- Inspecting machines for RAW fabric by  Turkish company "GuvenCelik”for making our quality better in twice – 2 units.

Sewing and Cutting Equipment:

-  Sewing equipment by "Juki",  "Rimoldi”, ‘’Union Special’’, ‘’Kansa’’, ‘’Pegasus’’, ‘’Aston’’, ‘’Siruba’’, ‘’Jamato’’ – 160 units;

-Automatic cutting and spreading lines by French company "Lectra” – 3 units;

Modern laboratory equipment, such as spectrophotometer, infrared laboratory dyeing machine and a case with different types of light for selection of shades and laboratory dyeing of sample fabricsfrom German company "Datacolor".

•Production capacity

Today the production capacity of the factory is 10 tons of fabric per day. But "T-Style" Ltd. company further working on expanding its production facilities and in 2017we intend to increase the production of fabric in half, and to start our own denim production.

In addition, in 2017 the company plans to launch powerful 2-dyeing machines «Thies» (1600 kg and 400 kg); new line for drying and fixation of the fabric from German company «Bruckner»; equipment for dyeing the yarn by «Thies».

Also, we are constantly increasing the capacity of sewing department. Futhermore,  we are planning to automate sewing of shirts "polo".

Currently in our company are working 19 sewing crews and operates theseparate fabric cutting department.


Energy saving technologies and energy efficiency

In December 2015 on the production was launched powerful solid boiler from the Austrian company «PolytechnikLuft-undFeuerungstechnik GmbH». The new boiler has given us the opportunity to almost completely eliminate the use of natural gas and reduce the cost of energy for our production. As a result – we reduced the cost value of the manufacturing of knitted fabric. This will help us to increase the competitiveness of our products both on Ukrainian and world markets.

Besides that, our company is providing energy saving technologies on our factory. What’s more, inall departments on the territory of the  factory was made complete replacement of conventional lighting with energy saving lamps.

Also now ongoing the installation of modern water treatment equipment from Dutch company «Nijhuis Industries», and in the first quarter of 2017  Lyonokombinat will start the operation of the  modern water treatment station.

Our partners

An equal partner and the closest partner of "T-Style" Ltd. is the Association of Private Enterpreneurs "Edelweiss" in Khmelnitskyi (Ukraine). There are two powerful factories - knitting and sewing, which are producing good quality outerweargarments  on modern flat knitting machines by  German company «Stoll». In February 2016 the "Edelweiss" launched 10  modern high-tech flat knitting machines, so the total number of them is  55 units. The factory employs more than 600 workers.

Sewing factory "Edelweiss" produces a wide range of products: t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, dresses and skirts, women's and men's spotswear, clothes for children .Equipment, which is used by "Edelweiss" more than 100 sewing machines are from "Juki" and "Rimoldi". Factory supplies high quality fabrics forRivne "T-Style" Ltd. Company.

In addition, the sewing factory in Shepetivka (Khmelnytsky region) is operating activelymore than 2 years.


•Chain store system

"T-Style" Ltd. is vertically integrated company, because of providing a full cycle of production of knitted products - from fabric to ready-made garments. We start our fabric work from the basic steps - knitting, dyeing, finishing of fabric then sewing ready-made garments and trade them on Ukrainian market. We carry out our production chain  without any agencies and intermediaries. So You, as our potentional customer, can be absolutely sure about high quality of our products, our competitive prices and timely producing of orders.

We constantly open a chain stores of  TM «GOLDI Lyonokombinat" on the territory of Ukraine with a full range of clothes from three factories - Rivne, Khmelnytskyi and Shepetivka. Our brand stores opened in  such cities as Kyiv - 3 stores in major shopping malls and 1 – on Kreshchatyk ( the main street of our capital), Kharkiv, Odessa, Poltava, Cherkassy, ​​Vinnitsa, Kherson, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zhytomyr, Lviv - 2 stores in major malls, Lutsk Rivne and Khmelnitsky. By the end of the year we are planning to open stores in major shopping malls in all regional cities of Ukraine and to extend access to the European market, including the establishment of sales network in Poland.

Addresses of our stores:

Trade & Entertainment Centre"Dream Town", Obolonskiy Avenue, 1-B; Atrium "Greece";
Trade & Entertainment Centre"Ocean Plaza" street. Gorky, 176; floor "0" in front of the "Achan";
Trade & Entertainment Centre"Sky Mall" Prospect General Vatutin, 2T Kyiv, Khreshchatyk, 13,
Trade & Entertainment Centre"Oasis", Bandera Street, 2a

Trade & Entertainment Centre"Port City" Sukhomlynsky street, 1 

Trade & Entertainment Centre"Megamall", 600-anniversary str., 17

Trade & Entertainment Centre"Global UA", Kievska street, 77
Trade & Entertainment Centre"Riviera",Fontanka village, South Road, 101 a
Trade & Entertainment Centre"Equator"  Kovpaka str., 26
Trade & Entertainment Centre"Forum" , PidDubom street, 7b
SEC "Victory Gardens"  Kulparkivska street, 226 A
Trade & Entertainment Centre"Lyubava" Shevchenka street, 208/1
Trade & Entertainment Centre"Podolyany" Textile street, 28 ch
Trade & Entertainment Centre"Arsen"  Mykolaichuka street, 2

Trade & Entertainment Centre"Factory" Zalaegerszeg street, 18
Trade & Entertainment Centre"Hollywood", str.  77th Guards Division,  1A
Rivne city
 - Fabrychna street, 12 (on the territory of RivneLyonokombinat)


Also you can find all the range of our products in the internet on our own online store: http://goldi.biz.ua/ and http://lenokombinat.com.ua/.

Today Lyonokombinat is a leader in the textile industry of Ukraine by amount of products and the rate of development. In addition, leading  developers of  Ukraine acknowledged our company as  the  most successful national retailerover the past few years.
 We always charge a high rate of development, use the newest technologies in the production and trade, that is why our trademark is the favorite one for our customers.

By the way, our clients can be sure in quality of manufacturing process, as  they can even visit our factory and check everything by themselves.

Welcome to our factory